Easy To Follow One Week Ketogenic Diet Meal Plan To Lose Weight

Dinner: Cheese-Stuffed Burgers (no bun)

Cook two or three fresh beef patties for this simple supper. You can top one in cheddar and stack the other to finish everything. You can also cover them with veggies and low carb sauces!



Breakfast: Eggs

Beat 8 eggs and include some veggies and cheese, and empty the blend into muffin tins that you’ve already fixed with a piece of bacon.

Cook at 350 F for half an hour. You can store these in plastic packs and utilize them for breakfast for up to 5 days.

Lunch: Cottage Cheese, Walnuts, and Hot Sauce

This is a healthy and tasty meal. However, if walnuts and hot sauce aren’t your top choice, you can utilize a few blueberries.

Dinner: Meatloaf

You’ll require meat and a binder to get a decent quality meatloaf.

Chop the mushrooms and onions as a binder because they will include a lot of flavor and supplements and are additionally low on starches. Include a few vegetables aside and that is it!



Breakfast: Eggs

If you have leftovers from the previous day, you are good to go.

Lunch: Tuna Salad Lettuce Wraps

Tuna salad is an incredible decision when it’s made of fixings low in starches. If you put some avocado into the plate of mixed greens you’ll add even more healthy supplements.

Romaine lettuce is perfect to enhance the essence of the serving of the tuna salad!

Dinner: Slaw Hash

You can utilize some shredded cabbage and cook it with some onions, garlic, ground beef, red pepper flakes, soy sauce, and butter.

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