Indian 4 Pillar Diet Program for Fast Weight Loss and Diabetes Control

In today’s times, richest man is not he who owns a million bucks, but it is he who is devoid of health issues and enjoys a medicine-free life. Overindulgence in fast food, unhealthy lifestyle and irregular sleep timings are resulting in diseases like Obesity, Diabetes, cardio vascular problems etc. These are modern day epidemics, causing millions of deaths across the world, in both adults and children, men and women.

What alarms us even more is the fact that India has earned the dubious name of “Diabetic Capital of the world”, particularly the south regions. People are gulping down more medicines than food and are shelling out their hard-earned savings on Hospitals. Allopathy, Ayurveda, and Homeopathy have their own pros and cons and are mostly life-long treatments.

The New Sensation:

One man, who is disturbed by the way in which the present society is thriving on medicines, decided to be a torch bearer for a fight against obesity and Diabetes. An accountant by profession, Veeramachaneni Ramakrishna hails from Andhra Pradesh and is currently a hot topic on the Internet. He is called ‘Maharaja Mantrikudu’ or the ‘diet magician’ and is creating a buzz on social media and local channels.

VRK shares his experiences for free to educate the masses on living a healthy life, thereby contributing to a better society for the future generations. His own experiences in weight reduction and diabetes reversal have persuaded him to share the extraordinary benefits of his diet plan.

Reckless Eating-The Main Culprit:

Veeramachaneni Ramakrishna states that the culprit behind most disorders is consuming more food than what is necessary, resulting in Obesity and Diabetes. Our body requires a certain amount of calorie intake to perform everyday actions like walking, sleeping, talking etc., However, when you consume more than what is necessary, the extra food gets stored in the form of fat. This fat gets deposited in areas like thighs, buttocks, and abdomen, creating a bulky appearance. With more fat getting added, the weight of the body increases, resulting in breathlessness, lethargy, and restricted movement. This can lower self-confidence, leading to anxiety and depression.

VRK’s Solution:

VRK himself followed a special diet due to which he claims to have shed 30 kg in 1 month. This diet comprises of high fat, adequate protein, and low-carbohydrate food. He suggests that one can easily lose weight by conforming to the norms of the diet for a suggested period, while satisfying their taste buds. Eat what you like, as long as it is in the accepted list of foods.

The 4-Pillar Diet Program:

VRK explains the diet program in a 4-Pillar Model. One must mandatorily consume the suggested amounts for amazing benefits

  • High Fat Diet: Consume 70 g – 100g of Direct Fat (Only allowed fats like Coconut Oil, Olive Oil,
  • Desi Ghee, Unsalted Butter, Fresh Malai).
  • 4 Litres of Water.
  • 3 Lemons.
  • One Multi Vitamin Tablet.

AVOID: Items like Rice, wheat, root vegetables, Sugar Foods, Pulses, Tender Coconut Water,Beans, Fruits, Nuts except Walnut, Pistachio and Almond, Refined Oils, Iodized Salt, Diary products like Milk, Yoghurt, Soft Drinks, Alcohol etc., must be strictly avoided.

The 4 main rules one must adhere to, while on the program are:

Rule 1: Eat only when you are hungry.
Rule 2: Eat only until your hunger is satisfied. Save and eat later
Rule 3: Do not eat again until you are hungry.
Rule 4: Eat when you are hungry, instead of waiting for a prefixed time like lunch, dinner etc.

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For the first 10 days of the program:

  • Start your day with a glass of lukewarm water mixed with the juice of a lime.
  • Measure 20gm-30gm of coconut oil (preferably) and drink it like a medicine
  • Eat whenever you feel hungry from the approved list of foods, ensuring that one takes the required amount of fat (including the morning dosage of oil)
  • Fat can be consumed while cooking, in soups or even directly
  • Eat only curries without rice, roti etc., One must cook curries using homemade masalas only.
  • Non vegetarians must ensure they consume only 300gm of meat and include vegetables in their diet to avoid constipation
  • One can snack on nuts and seeds in between meals to cure food cravings

Science Behind the Program:

The main concept behind this program is to train our body to use fat as a primary fuel source, instead of carbohydrates and combine that with the benefits of Fasting. Once we master this, our body can be liberated from diseases, thus ridding us of medicines. In due course, our body also attains high energy levels, reduced hunger pangs and improved immune power.

Liquid Fasting – The Key to Ultimate Weight Loss:

While weight loss is attributed several factors like metabolism, age, lifestyle and hereditary, VRK remarks that with patience and dedication, one can certainly reach their goal. While some people claim to have lost 30 kgs. in a month, others have claimed to have lost a minimum of 8kgs per month. VRK also recommends a special liquid fasting diet for obese bodies to help them lose weight faster.

Liquid Fasting is amazing for a total body cleanse and can be done after the 7th day of the normal program for 2 to 5 days and repeat after a while. For a rapid fall in the numbers on your scale, VRK recommends a continuous liquid fast up to 6 consecutive days. One must completely avoid anything that requires chewing, grinding of teeth. Meaning, one has to completely avoid solid food of all forms and only thrive on liquids like water, green tea, lemon soda and special veg or non-veg soups with 70g-100gm high fat. Liquid fast can be stopped only with a first solid meal of nuts, followed by the regular 4 pillar diet.

Reversal of Type-2 Diabetes:

Type-2 Diabetes is the most common, long term medical disorder in adults and even in children. It is directly related to obesity, where the extra fat effects the production of insulin, resulting in an increased blood sugar levels.

VRK claims that his special diet plan not only contributes to weight loss, but also helpsin reversing Type -2 diabetes. Most patients with Type -2 diabetes are insulin resistant, due to overweight. This program, by enabling people lost weight faster, can aid in better production and utilization of insulin. In due course, it is also possible for a complete reversal of Type-2 diabetes, liberating the patient from injections and tablets.

What People Say about VRK Diet:

VRK diet has become extremely popular in the Telugu states and is earning many followers. Most people who followed his diet plan are defending VRK and have claimed to have shed as much as 22 kg to 30 kg in a month. There have also been quite a few cases where people were able to reduce or eliminate the need of medicines after just a couple of days with this plan. Many people are also experimenting with the 4-Pillar model and are posting recipes that have helped them quicken the process.

Side Effects:

No diet or treatment is free from side effects. VRK himself has listed the possible effects that come with the diet such as elevated cholesterol levels, dizziness, drop in sugar levels, headache, nausea, constipation, weakness, rashes due to fat metabolism and even diarrhoea. These, as per VRK, are temporary effects, one experiences for the first 3-7 days to cope up with the sudden changes. However, with patience and dedication, one can easily overcome these issues and witness positive changes in the body. VRK also advises diabetes patients to continue their medication while on the diet and reduce the dosage after consulting their doctor.


While the diet has earned a massive number of followers, there are also many people who strongly oppose it. Especially the doctors council has expressed a strong resentment on the diet plan. They opine that the high fat diet could possibly lead to high level cholesterol levels that can be deadly.

Is it Worth?

With more than a million views garnered for his videos since Jan 31,2018Veeramachaneni Ramakrishna has earned massive respect among his followers. Despite divided opinions, VRK’s dedication and selflessness to create a disease-free society is highly inspirational and commendable. After witnessing the number of testimonials by his followers, this diet may be tried with care and caution.Before blindly following public opinion, it is always advisable to analyse one’s body with a medical expert and seek their advice.Experts also recommend combining the diet with exercise for amazing results.

If you all set to try the new diet plan, keep telling yourself that no magic can happen without one’s self-motivation and determination. Let no biryani or dessert lure you away from your health goals!