7 Simple Exercises to Reduce a Double Chin Fast

Today in this modern era, everyone live their life as they wish to. Many people like to eat junk foods like pizza, burgers, and many more. However, this kind of food doesn’t make them healthy as it contains lead, fat and high cholesterol. There are lots of researchers who proved that junk food can be harmful if it is consumed regularly.

By consuming such foods people face the problem of obesity. Obesity is a stage where in human body is much prone to diseases. Due to obesity, people face problem of double chin as well. Not only do overweight people face this problem but slim or normal person can also face issues with double chin. This article explains effective ways to reduce double chin naturally along with some exercises that can be effective in getting rid of double chin.

1. Neck Stretching Exercises to Reduce Double Chin:

Neck Stretching Exercises1

Sit erect on the surface, keep your right hand on the floor with fingers flat on the ground at a distance of about one foot. Place your left hand on your right ear and then try to bend your head towards the left shoulder applying a gentle pressure

How To Do:

  • Now take the right hand off the floor and place in on the shoulder while slightly putting pressure downwards.
  • This will provide a stretch in the entire neck region.
  • Do it on the other side as well.

2. Tennis Ball Exercise to Reduce Double Chin:

Tennis Ball Exercise2

This is one simple exercise for double chin that can be practiced with a tennis ball whenever you are free. You need not involve the hands.

How To Do:

  • Take a tennis ball and use the chin to hold it over the neck.
  • Now move the chin to rub the tennis ball over the neck.
  • Try doing it for a few minutes.

3. Blow Balloons to Reduce Double Chin:


Blowing balloons is a great way to tone and slim down your chubby cheeks.Simply, take a balloon and fill it with air. As you blow, feels the muscle in your cheeks expand.Release the air from the balloon and repeat the procedure for 10 times.This technique really works! And in 5 days you will notice a difference in the size of your cheeks.

4. The Platysma Exercise:

Platysma Exercise4

The Platysma is the muscle which runs down from your jaw and along your neck. You want to stand with your neck erect, and then in your jaw tighten the tendons by pulling your lips over the teeth and turning downward the corners of your mouth, like you would do if you were frowning. You want to hold this position for 10 seconds and then relax. This is one rep, and your goal is to complete 10 reps.

5. Hanging Head to Reduce Double Chin:

Hanging Head to Reduce Double Chin5

you will need to lie down on your bed to perform this exercise. Keep the head hanging over the edge of the bed and now lift the chin upwards towards the chest. Hold the position for 10 seconds and then slowly relax. Repeat this 10 times.

6. Sugar Free Chewing Gum to Reduce Double Chin:

Sugar Free Chewing Gum6

It is important to keep the jaw and cheek muscle working and what is better than chewing a gum? Pick up a sugar free chewing gum and chew several of them during the day.

How To Do:

  • So this was the list of 8 easy to do exercises to bid bye to double chin.
  • These exercises are so simple that they can be performed anytime during the day, even while watching TV or reading books or while operating computer.
  • Do them regularly to see positive results.

7. Chin Rotations to Reduce Double Chin:

Chin Rotations7

With this exercise you want to elongate your back, whether in a seated or standing position. Then, leading with your chin, rotate your head, gently and slowly, so that from your shoulder to chest to shoulder to back, it moves in a full circle. Through the movement, make sure to keep your shoulders down and back. This is one rep and you want to complete 10 reps, and then repeat these in the opposite direction.