8 Simple Exercises to Reduce Love Handles Women

Front Bends:

Front bends twist and turn your abdominal muscles and help reduce love handles. It also is a great stretching exercise for overall body.

To Perform:

  1. Stand with legs apart, wider than shoulders
  2. Put the arms stretched out on the sides parallel to the shoulders
  3. Breathe in and bend the body forward touching the right hand on left toe and neck looking at the left hand
  4. Get back in position and repeat on the other side

This exercise needs to be done at least 10 times on each side and 3 such sets are a mandatory recommendation. Lose love handles easily.

Side Stretching:

Side stretching targets love handles and is also a great relief in case you are suffering from shoulder or back problems.

To Perform:

  1. Stand with feet parted at shoulder width
  2. Lift and touch right hand on the left shoulder bringing it from top back
  3. Now hold the right elbow with the left hand firmly and bend to the left
  4. Stretch and bend as far as you can, outing a little pressure on the elbow
  5. Hold in position and repeat for other side

Stretching tones the love handles and makes you slimmer from the sides.

6. Knee Drop:

Knee drop is technically done with exercise ball, but can be done at home with a simple ball made with a towel.

To Perform:

  1. Lie down on a mat with knees folded and soles flat towards the wall in front
  2. Hold the ball in between the knees and stretch the arms parallel to the shoulder
  3. Now bend the knees sideways to touch the floor keeping the ball intact in between
  4. Repeat on the other side

Do this at least 25 times for both the sides to see toned abdomen and how you have lost love handles in a few weeks’ time.

7. Donkey Kicks – Sideways:

Donkey kick is an excellent workout for the lower body. It tones the muscles and strengthens the limbs.

To Perform:

  1. Let down on all fours with the face looking at the wall at front
  2. Now lift the right knee and kick to the sides, such that the left thigh is parallel to the floor on the side
  3. Bring back to position and repeat 10 times before changing legs.

Do at least 3 sets of 10 kicks each day. Do not over stretch the muscles, it may get injured. This is the best exercise for love handles.

8. Side Squats:

Side Squats target the thighs and waistline and tone the lower body.

To Perform:

  1. Stand with legs parted wide and hands in front
  2. Now put all the weight on the left leg and bend it at the knee
  3. The target should be to sit on the left foot with knees folded and right leg stretched out
  4. Slowly get up to initial position and go down on the right side

20 squats on each leg should be done. Throughout the experiment, remember to keep your upper body straight.

9. Side Kicks:

Side Kicks reduce the love handles and is an excellent cardio exercise for warm up.

To Perform:

  1. Stand with legs wide apart and toes pointed to the front wall
  2. Maintain the straight upper body, lift the right leg on the side as high as possible
  3. Bring back to initial position and repeat on the other side


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